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Alan Acton
Spiritual Medium/Psychic

Mr. Acton currently resides in Great Britian, and is from a long line of Romany Gypsies, he has been gifted with the ability to provide guidance and help with proof of life after death connections. In addition to being a Clairaudient Spirit Medium, Mr. Acton also has an excellent ability to go into trance allowing spirit to communicate through him and a psychic ability that provides guidance and help in your everyday life. Mr. Acton has been a full time medium for thirty years and previously trained to become a nurse. Currently based in Kent, UK, Mr. Acton continues to serve as a Senior Minister, Medium and Tutor for the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain HQ in London. Mr. Acton is credited for doing reading for many celebrities as well as non-celebrities and has earned the respect in his community and known as one of Britain’s top Mediums. He has demonstrated his gift throughout France, Germany, Japan and Morocco and in the USA. With appearance in both TV and Radio talk shows in both USA and UK.

Mr. Acton is currently working on his first book “God has a plan” and will continue to travel to other countries including the U.S.A. sharing his gift and providing proof that God does have a plan for you and you were part of putting that plan together, and evidence that life still exist after death.